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2019 Fall TDA Program Registration Open


Pre-TDA Program Registration. – (Born on or after 01/01/2013 and on or before 12/31/2015)

TDA Program Registration. – (Born on or after 01/01/2010 and on or before 12/31/2012)

TDA Plus Program. – (Born on or after 01/01/2006 and on or before 12/31/2009)


Detailed Learning Outcomes

At the end of the season....

Within this age group it is important to consider developmental characteristics of players of this age. Most players will demonstrate a more keen competitiveness, and this should be mirrored by the challenges set forth by the coach in each practice. They will also begin to co-operate within small groups more readily, which will allow the component of 'passing for a purpose' to be grasped much more easily.

ALL players will be able to use the 4 surfaces of the feet (inside, outside, bottom, and laces) and will understand changing direction and pace to evade defenders.
MOST players will be able to perform 2 of the 3 moves covered at this age group (Cut, Dummy and Scissors moves) on a regular basis within a pressurized situation.
SOME players will be able to perform the 3 moves in order to beat a live defender in the correct game situation with consistent success.
Attacking Principle – Confidence and Comfort with the ball at the player's feet.
Players will be encouraged to attack space with the ball for multiple weeks to confidence and comfort with the ball at their feet.  Our goal as coaches is to teach players to want and keep the ball in space.  Driving the ball forward at the goal and between defenders will be encouraged throughout our program to create strong-willed athletes.

ALL players will be able to pass the ball accurately over a short distance to a moving target whilst in motion themselves
MOST players will be able to pass with the inside and outside of their strong foot to teammates on the move.  They will also see the opportunity for a lead pass to a teammate in space.
SOME players will be able to pass with the inside and outside of both their left and right foot to teammates on the move in game situations.  They will also be able to recognize and execute a lead or split pass under pressure of multiple defenders.
Attacking Principle – Spreading out (width and depth) for passing

Players will be encouraged to spread out and move away from teammates in possession of the ball.  The distance of a proper pass will be discussed as well as the definition of being open (no defender between you and the ball).  Creating width and depth in the diamond shape will be critical to this understanding.  

ALL players will be able to strike the ball accurately over a short distance whilst moving, using one or both feet, whilst under pressure from a live defender. Players will learn to strike with the laces as well as finish with the inside of the foot.
MOST players will be able to shoot and finish with accuracy from a variety of angles when approaching the goal whilst under pressure from a live defender.  
SOME players will be able to recognize when shooting opportunities arise they will attempt a shot each time displaying a positive attitude to the technique.
Attacking Principle – Striking with Confidence
During this stage of player development we are concentrating solely on the player's ability to be Accurate and to develop a good Attitude to shooting, much time should be spent on the technical development in a fun learning environment, where exercises are changed frequently in order to keep interest levels high.


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Rec Coach Training Sessions


Come out to receive FREE professional GPS coaching tips for the upcoming Fall Rec season. You don't need any soccer experience and our GPS coach will provide coaching tips for both games & training sessions. We're offering 2 sessions (info below). 



  • Sat, Aug 24 9-11am
  • Sun, Aug 25 9-11am


Conover Park, West Windsor, NJ

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Fall 2019 Rec Registration OPEN

Registration Links:

PreK GPS Juniors training sessions

Kindergarten to 2nd Grade (WWPSA League)

3rd to 6th grade (Inter-Town Recreation Soccer League)

7th to 12th grade (3M League)


Program Summary:

  • Players 3rd-6th Grade: 



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