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Coaches Update Sent Oct 3rd

Thank you for all you are doing in coaching and helping the players have a great time playing soccer. I wanted to share some thoughts as we move into the 4th week of the season and also want to request that you check your rosters and let me know of any corrections that are required.

Safety is our number one focus and therefore I would ask you be aware when a player goes to ground. For 3rd grade and below you should immediately stop play since young players tend to just keep kicking away at the ball regardless of the fact that a player is laying on the ground right next to the ball. You can then restart the game with a dropped ball or by simply rolling the ball into space and telling them to Play.  For the4th and older leagues the referees should be watching for situations like this and making a determination if play should be stopped or not based on the players ages, ability and risk of someone getting injured. It is a good idea for you as coaches to review this with the referees before the game starts so everyone has the same understanding.

Sportmanship is important. We as coaches should set the example, play hard to win but treat others with respect. I know we all in the heat of competition can get carried away but we should all strive to remember to show sportsmanship at all times. Yes celebrations can happen but we should be make sure they don’t turn into taunting of the other team or trash talking. Set the example and encourage your players to do so as well.

One Sided games are not enjoyable for either team. We try create balanced teams but it is very difficult to do and a missing player or two can totally change the dynamics of a team. Please see http://wwpsa2.org/Page.asp?n=123469&org=wwpsa2.org for some thoughts around how to manage one sided games.

Rosters - Please check your team rosters and confirm all of the coaches and players are listed on the roster correctly and please send me any corrections as soon as possible. We need this since we need to file the roster for insurance reasons with NJ Youth Soccer – anyone not on the roster is not covered by our insurance. It is therefore very important that everyone is correctly listed and that you only allow players that are listed to play in games. To check your team roster:

  1. Go to http://www.wwpsa2.org
  2. Sign in by clicking on the Sign in button on the top right of the screen.
  3. Then click on Team
  4. Then click on Schedule
  5. Under Change Team pick the season, the division and team name
  6. Your schedule will be displayed
  7. Check on the button with a Thumbs up icon next to a game or event on it to view RSVPs for the game or event.
  8. Click on Roster on the left hand side
  9. Your current roster will be displayed
  10. Click on Options and pick Print Roster to print the roster

Lets hope we get to play tomorrow.

Keep on Kicking.


Email Sent to All Coaches on Sept 11, 2014


Thank you all for volunteering to coach. Without you we could not deliver this soccer program to the children of our community. 

Here are thoughts and updates for you as a coach as we get ready to begin the season on Saturday, Sept 13. Sorry it is long but is a lot to cover and I’m sure there is probably something I’ve left out.

Safety should be everyone’s but especially you as coaches’ number one priority followed by everyone having fun. Let’s play hard and enjoy ourselves and all go home safely in one piece from every game and practice. For this reason there is no slide tackling of any form allowed in recreational soccer, please remind your players of that.

Remember this if a recreational league and as such you will have players of various ability and commitment on your teams. Some players will come to every practice and games, while others might only show up for a few games. Regardless we should still give them all as near equal playing time with every player getting to play at least 50% of each game.

Encourage players to play in every position but don’t force them if they don’t want to say play goalie. Forcing them to do something someone usually means they are not having fun.

Coaching Resources: You can find links to various coaching resources at http://wwpsa2.org/Page.asp?n=100168&org=wwpsa2.org. You will also be receiving a weekly email from a coaching service we use that will provide you with an age appropriate practice plan each week that you can refer to for planning your practice sessions. In addition you can come to West Windsor Community Park on Thursday evenings between 6 pm and 9 pm to observe how I run practices. I train 2 teams back to back and feel free to stop by and learn. Just show up on any Thursday.

Practice Schedules: Scheduling of weeknight practice sessions is handled by Joerg, he can be reached at  . A reminder that:

  • PreK has just the specific session the player signed up for.
  • K to 3rd grade have combine practice and game session on Saturday mornings.
  • 4th to 12th grade teams have a weeknight practice session and Saturdays are just games.

Game Schedules: Will be posted on the website. I’ve not yet received confirmation from Brent that they are final so be aware that they might change. We will send an email to everyone once they are final. For those of you coaching two teams we do strive to ensure that the games of your two teams do not overlap. If you have questions about the scheduling of Saturday games (and for PreK to 3rd practices and games) you can email Brent at  .

Bye Weeks: Some leagues have an odd number of teams. If you see a game on your schedule against BYE WEEK it means you do not have a game against another team that week. We recommend that you hold a practice session and then a scrimmage among the players at your assigned field on these Saturdays.

Laws of the Game: The laws for each specific league are posted at http://wwpsa2.org/Page.asp?n=119083&org=wwpsa2.org. Please read them to be familiar with your leagues game format and specific laws.

Referees: 4th to 12th grade teams have referees for their Saturday games. The referees scheduling is done by Joshua who can be reached at  Please respect the referees, remember many of them are still children and you should abide by the rule that as I tell teams I coach – Q: When is it a handball? A: When the referee says it is. Yes it might not be the right call but if we accept it as the right call it reduces the stress and makes life a lot more fun for everyone.

Goal Safety: Goals are big, heavy, and dangerous. They can and will fall over and a player been struck in the head by a falling goal can suffer serious injury or be killed. Never let players hang on, do pull ups on or climb on any goal. If we teach them young they will hopefully follow that rule for the rest of their life. Only use the big goals (7x21 foot or 8x24 foot) if they are properly anchored and weighed down with sand bags. The small 5x10 foot goals that the PreK through 3rd graders use and that are at the practice field are small and balance and therefore do not need to be weighed down. All goals should be put away at the ends of games and practices. See our Goal Safety item on for http://wwpsa2.org/Page.asp?n=100168&org=wwpsa2.org details.

Combination Codes: Your league managers will as needed share the combination codes with you. Please don’t share them with the players and others since we have had issues with people abusing the resources:

  • Lights at Conover Park and Plainsboro Community Park (the smaller field area) that are manually switched on and off. The last coach at the field must switch them off – please coordinate with one another to know who is switching them off. Don’t switch them off before you are sure known one is arriving after you since they require a rest period they will not switch back on immediately.
  • Lights at Duck Pond Park, West Windsor Community Park, and Plainsboro Community Park (the large field area) are controlled remotely and are set on a schedule. If you have issues you can call me at 609-510-8814 or email me at   or Joerg at   and we can help you.
  • Large movable goals also lock with chains and combinations codes.
  • Plainsboro Community Park rest rooms – you will use the combination code to open the door directly off the small parking lot and then use the restroom keys hanging in that room to open the rest rooms. Please make sure the rest rooms are locked after your session.
  • Field Gates are also locked with combination locks that can be open in event of an emergency.

Communication with Parents: Our primary form of communication is email. If any parent says they are not getting emails form us refer them to http://wwpsa2.org/Page.asp?n=88398&org=wwpsa2.org and tell them to make sure they have not opted out of receiving our emails. Also tell them to check their spam – we do send a lot of emails and so sometimes are considered spam. We will be sending an email to parents before Saturday covering parent specific information.


First contact your league manager for specific questions about your league. See http://wwpsa2.org/Page.asp?n=86040&org=wwpsa2.org for contact information for them and others.

I think that is everything but if I missed something feel free to email me as well. Please excuse any typos, poorly worded items, or grumpiness it has been quite a few nights of very little sleep to get us ready.

Let’s make my last season doing this a safe and fun one. I’m retiring from running rec. soccer at the end of this season and to that end we are looking for people to help run and shape recreational soccer going forward. If you are interested in getting involved please let me know.

Keep on kicking.


David Westbrook 
West Windsor Plainsboro Soccer Association (WWPSA)
Volunteer - Director of Youth Recreational Soccer

(emails are always preferred and get a faster response than phone calls)
609-510-8814 (only call if it is an emergency or urgent)