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You can view and print your current roster, email your players, check if they have RSVP for activities and other such items directly from the WWPSA website by:

  1. Go to http://www.wwpsa.org

  2. Sign in by clicking on the Sign in button on the top right of the screen. Use your email address and password that you used when you registered for soccer.

  3. Then click on Team

  4. Then click on Schedule

  5. Under Change Team pick the season, the division and team name

  6. Your schedule will be displayed

  7. Check on the button with a Thumbs up icon next to a game or event on it to view RSVPs for the game or event.

  8. Click on Roster on the left hand side

  9. Your current roster will be displayed

  10. Click on Options and pick Email Team to email the team or Print Roster to print the roster

You can also use the LeagueAthletics.com App on your phone to view and manage your team. To download the app go to http://wwpsa.org/mobile_promo.asp?org=wwpsa