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Traffic Volunteer - Zaitz

Volunteer to direct traffic and managing parking for one day at Zaitz Park. This role is ideally suited to a parent with a child playing at Zaitz Park. You will be able to spend part but not all of the time watching them play. i.e. you will be directing traffic from about 8:30 to 9:15, then be free for about an hour and then direct traffic again from around 10:30 am to 11:30 am when you will pack up.

You will (1) print out a copy of the Zaitz field layout (click here for the layouts) and take it with you (2) arrive at 8:30 am on the day, (3) meet the traffic volunteer managers at the main entrance to the park who will provide detailed directions and answer questions, (4) you will sign-in as evidence you were present, (5) you will wear a yellow vest to identify yourself, (6) you will set up cones and signs, (7) you will staff a particular station and direct traffic, (8) around 11:30 am you will pack up everything up and go home.

Traffic Stations are:

One person near the pathway that leads to the back fields and one person in the parking lot to direct cars where to park, make sure they park close together and most important to ensure they drive slowly.

Other people at each parking lot entrance by the road to manage people entering and leaving.

No car should be allowed to park such that they block the pathway entrance to the back fields or to block that entrance way or hamper visibility in the roadway near the entrance way.

If the lot is full you can then direct people to park on the grass but this should be as a last resort.