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Equipment Distribution at Beginning of Season

Thank you for volunteering to be the Equipment Manager for Rec. Soccer for the Fall Season.  You will be leading the effort to pack and distribute equipment based before the season starts, dealing with replacing broken equipment during the season and then collecting all equipment back at the end of the season. As a leader you will be in charge of these efforts and will need to teach the volunteers what to do, pick times to do it and make sure it is probably done. We asked for 2 people for this role so that you could share the work.

When you arrive you want to take some of the large cones we have and block off the driveway to the house so that people don't try park by the house you are going to need the space to work. People should be directed to park in the municipal lot and walk across the road.

Click here for equipment storage at end of season instructions.

The bags will then be packed into the ball bins and the league managers will pick them up.

Volunteer Instructions

Sign in: Please make sure you sign the volunteer sign in sheet next to the name of the person from your family that is listed on the sheet to ensure you family gets their volunteer bond credit. No signature means no bond credit.


  • Please bring work gloves to protect your hands
  • There may be another team of people doing uniform distribution at the same time at the soccer house on the side closest to the Municipal Complex. I’ve asked them to help you if they are slow.
  • Make sure you check in with the right team.
  • People will also be dropping off used soccer equipment they no longer need. Please direct them to the people doing uniform distribution to drop off those items.
  • Coaches might ask if they can collect their equipment bags – the answer to that is no. The distribution of the bags will be handled through the league managers.

Equipment Bag Packing Instructions

  1. Please meet at 1 pm at the soccer house located at 36 Everett Dr, West Windsor Township, NJ 08550 (off of Clarksville Road West Windsor). It is the house all by itself in the field between the West Windsor Municipal Complex and the Fire Station on the same side of Clarksville Road as the fire station and across Everett Drive from the West Windsor Municipal Complex.
  2. Please park in the Municipal Park lot and walk across the road so we have enough space to work around the house.
  3. The Equipment Manager will meet you there and help you get set up and answer any questions.
  4. Sign in when you arrive. Please make sure you sign the volunteer sign in sheet next to the name of the person from your family that is listed on the sheet to ensure you family gets their volunteer bond credit. No signature means no bond credit.
  5. Please bring work gloves to protect your hands
  6. You will want find the equipment as follows (note some of it could have been moved around by people looking for things and you will also find containers with things like coaches shirts, papers and the like – please leave the other containers alone. None of the items you need should be in any of the other rooms in the house):
    1. In first room as you enter the soccer house you will find:
      1. The black equipment bags behind the door
      2. The scrimmage vests or pinnies in containers on the shelves
      3. The equipment lists on a clipboard
    2. In the second room you will find:
      1. The balls in bins size 3 on the left, 4 in the middle and 5 on the right. Note if you run out of balls there are additional balls in one of the upstairs rooms)
      2. Flat cones are on floor 
      3. Whistle and lanyard are in a container on the shelves
      4. Ball pump, hose and needles are in a container on the shelves
      5. Clipboards in a container on the shelves
      6. First aid kit in a container on the shelves
      7. Ice packs in containers on the floor
      8. Goalie shirts and gloves in containers on the shelves.
  7. You should move everything you need outside except for the equipment bags and balls since it is easier to leave the balls in the bins.
  8. You should then lay the items out in the order they are on the equipment bag list on the grass and for those items that have different sizes by size. Please work with the uniform distribution people to figure out how best to lay things out. I recommend that the uniform distribution people set up on the municipal complex side of the house closer to the road leaving the space nearing the house for you to use.
  9. Some people should be assigned to create piles of small flat cones and large cones so the others can just grab a pile when put items into the bags. The small cones should have a mix of colors i.e. do not have only one color in a pile. 
  10. Each person then takes one of the equipment bag lists, picks up an equipment bag, places the appropriate number of balls into the bag and then goes outside and puts in the rest of the items based on the list. The list should be clipped onto the clipboard and put in last so it is on top and facing out.
  11. The bags then should be placed into groups of like bags. i.e. all of the K&1st grade bags in one pile, the 2nd Grade in one pile, etc.
  12. If you run out of anything (you should be on the 8th to 12th grade bags at this point) please indicate the item and quantity you are short on the master list so we can order replacement items and also cross out the preprinted quantity and write down the actual quantity put into the specific bag on the equipment list that goes into the bag.
  13. After all bags are packed, please clean up and packed away all unused / extra items and put them back into the soccer house in the same locations you found them (see item 5 above).
  14. The K&1st grade bags then should be put into the bin where the size 3 balls were on top of any leftover size 3 balls, the 4th - 5th grade bags in the bin where the size 4 balls were and the 8th-12th grade bags in the bin where the size 5 balls were.
  15. The 2nd, 3rd and 6-7th grade bags should be placed in piles on the floor within the house.
  16. You are then done and can go home.

Thank you for volunteering.