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Sharpshooter Goal Storage

Please bring work gloves and closed shoes to protect and keep your hands and feet clean. 

You will do the following:

  1. Remove nets from the small 5x10 foot goals (you do not need to do anything on the big 8x24 foot goas) and then reassemble the goal frames after removing the nets (this is to ensure we do not lose pieces of the goal frames) 
  2. Sort nets into those that are too damaged (big holes or more than one hole in the net) to reuse (place the damaged ones in black garbage bags) and into those that are okay to use (one small or no holes) again next next (Place in white net storage bags). 
  3. Move the goals to their storage location next to the green shipping container between the road way and the container.
  4. Walk the fields to ensure they are clean and all litter is picked up.
  5. Place the white net storage bags of nets into the green shipping container and then close the door of the container.
  6. Please take the black garbage bags of broken nets home and place in the trash.

The white net bags, black garbage bags and sign-in sheet will be located in a plastic container at the big green container and the big green container will be open. Please make sure you sign in so that you get your bond back.​ Leave the unused net bags, garbage bags and sing-in sheet in the plastic container and put it inside the green container.