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The program aims at improving your players' technical skills while adding a competitive edge to create a fun and educational environment.
Focus of Program

To develop and master various technical skills in a competitive and educational setting that will allow players to become multidimensional.


Program Date



Program Schedule



Program Offers:

2 sessions per week

1 hour, 30minutes

Technical sessions provided by our professional coaches that will cover weekly themes 


Age groups

2012 Boys/Girls

2011 Boys/Girls

2010 Boys/Girls

2009 Boys/Girls

2008 Boys/Girls

2007 Boys/Girls


Program Outline

  • Week 1- Shooting
    • Develop shooting technique
    • Ability to shoot from various distances
    • Learning how to score game-winning goals
  • Week 2 - Dribbling/Skill Moves
    • Controlling the ball in tight spaces
    • Beating opponents in 1v1 situations
    • Opportunity to learn and flash skill moves
  • Week 3- Turning With The Ball
    • Learn various ways to turn against defenders
    • Turning to open up the play
  • Week 4- Precision Passing
    • Learn to make key passes in game conditions
    • Utilizing dominant and non-dominant feet for precise passes
  • Week 5- Defending
    • 1v1 Defending
    • Pressure, Cover and Balance
  • Week 6- Tournament/Scrimmage Play
    • Players play in scrimmage conditions to perform what they have learned in small sided scrimmage games
    • 3v3, 4v4, 5v5 games