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Surf Juniors

(Pre-K, 3-5 years old)


Surf Juniors (Pre-K) is a program that runs every Spring and Fall.

The program is aimed at Boys and Girls in Pre-K, 3-5 years old.

In partnership with New Jersey Surf Mercer (Surf), this program teaches players the

 fundamentals of soccer using fun, energetic and challenging curriculum to develop the players.

This is the perfect program for players who are new to soccer and want to develop their skills.

This is the first step on the WWPSA Player Development Pathway. 


10 Week Program

60 Minute Weekly Sessions

Professional Surf Trainers

Saturdays at Zaitz Park

   9am - 3 years old 

10am - 4 years old

11am - 5 years old


Seasonal Program Dates

SPRING: April 2, 2022 - June 18, 2022

FALL: September 10, 2022 - November 19, 2022


Program Cost

Early Registration

(Ends July 31st)



Standard Registration

(August 1st - August 31st)



Late Registration

(After August 31st)



$10 Discount for the second and subsequant

youth player from the same family