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Amateur Program

Provides an opportunity for players, including WWPSA alumni to participate in a competitive environment that encourages returning collegiate and highly skilled college bound players to improve their development and sustain their fitness over the su mmer months in preparation for the upcoming fall collegiate season. This is accomplished through quality training and participation in a competitive summer league. A women’s team (Mercer FC) has been formed that will compete in the National Adult League (NAL) Women’s U23 Northeast Premier Division during the summer. This Division is the NAL’s elite level competition designed specifically for college-bound, collegiate and other high-level women and men players.

All Mercer FC teams within the WWPSA Amateur Program will adopt a common philosophy and set of standards including: (i) presenting and portraying a professional level approach during all training and competition; and (ii) due to the relatively short time period for which teams are together, the primary focus of the training environment and competition environment will be limited to providing opportunities for players to: retain their existing technical proficiency with the ball; retain a high level of fitness; develop a common understanding of the teams tactical approach; and of course have an enjoyable experience.