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Email Template - Coaches email to Welcome Families to the Team


Below is a sample email league manager can provide to coaches that coaches can use as a starting point for sending out team roster information to players.

Hello soccer families
We would like to welcome you and your [son(s)/daughter(s)] to Team [team name].

My name is [Coach name]  and I will be your soccer coach for this season and  I will be working with assistant coach [coaches names].
Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. I can be reached by email at [email address] or phone at [phone number].

We look forward to working with the players to help improve their soccer skills - but most importantly to have FUN!
Important Information: 
  1. Uniform pickup – Dates will be sent by WWPSA to all players via email.
  2. First session is on [date].  I will forward game schedule information as soon as I have it.
  3. Always check the WWPSA website before leaving for soccer.  Cancelations due to weather or field conditions are posted on the website.
  4. For practices and games please wear soccer cleats and shin guards (inside socks). Also bring a size [3/4/5] soccer ball (write name/phone number on it) & water.  Coaches will provide all other equipment. 
  5. Which shirt or jersey should I wear?  In Recreational soccer, the team listed on the schedule first wears white.  The team listed second wears green.  Read the schedule: White vs. Green.  Please bring both shirts or jerseys in case of confusion.
  6. Jewelry of any kind (including small stud earrings and religious emblems) and hard casts may not be worn during practices or games. Players with recently pierced ears cannot participate until the earrings can be removed, so please plan accordingly so they are able to remove the earrings before the first practices and games in September.  Eye glass straps are recommended when applicable.  Mouth guards, cups and sports bras are optional.
  7. Read more about the rules at http://wwpsa2.org/Page.asp?n=81211&org=wwpsa2.org by clicking on the appropriate link on the left side of the page.
  8. Our Team Roster is [list names of players here]
Coach [name]