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The Youth Recreational soccer Program is managed by the Director of Youth Recreational Soccer, League Managers, and other volunteers. All are volunteers, who spend a significant amount of time running this program so please treat them with respect and appreciation.

Key Contacts:

Position Name Email
Director of Youth Recreational Soccer Ryan Barna
Rec Game Scheduling/General Q's Respective League Manager SEE BELOW
Rec Practice Scheduling Matt Wargo
Rec Referee Scheduling Rafique Sirguroh g


League Managers:

League Name Email
GPS Juniors (PreK 3-5 yo)

Waza Mutambirwa

Boys Kindergarten ‚Äč  
Boys 1st - 2nd Grade    
Boys 3rd - 4th Grade Inter-Town    
Boys 5th - 6th Grade Inter-Town    
Boys 3M Jr (7 - 9th Grade)    
Boys 3M Sr (10 - 12th Grade)    
Girls Kindergarten    
Girls 1st - 2nd Grade    
Girls 3rd - 4th Grade Inter-Town    
Girls 5th - 6th Grade Inter-Town    
Girls 3M Jr (7 - 9th Grade) Patti Kuczmarski
Girls 3M Sr (10 - 12th Grade)
Patti Kuczmarski