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Frequently Asked Questions about Youth Recreational (Rec) Soccer

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What is Rec (Recreational) soccer?

Rec or Recreational soccer is for youth players from PreK (3 years old) to 12th grade (18 yers old) who want to play soccer within West Windsor and Plainsboro and not have a significant time commitment.

The rec program is our largest in terms of the number of players. Players sign up by school grade and K and older players are assigned teams coached by volunteer parents. Teams play each other on Saturday mornings in September through November and April through June; some inter-town league games will be on Sundays. PreK players have 1 hour sessions with Surf Mercer on Saturday mornings (9am- 3yo; 10am- 4 yo; 11am- 5 yo).

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When does Rec soccer take place?

The Fall (Sep - Nov) and Spring (Apr - Jun) Rec programs play games on Saturday; with some intertown league and 3M games on Sunday. K-5 grade players can also attend weeknight Surf group training sessions to further develop their skills. Teams in 3rd grade and higher will also typically schedule a weekday evening team practice (organized and scheduled by the team's coach). Requests should be sent to 

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How are teams formed?

Each league is managed by a League Manager who identifies coaching volunteers and organizes players onto teams so that every team has at least two coaches. Once teams are formed, team assignments and rosters are distributed to players. Practice and game schedules are then posted on the WWPSA website.

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What age divisions are available?

Each Rec league represents a school grade or group of grades, depending on the number of projected registrants. Typically, players are divided into a Co-ed PreK program and separate Boy and Girl leagues for Kindergarten through 12th grade. The kindergarten through 12th grade players might be group together based on the number of players registered for example, Boys 1st and 2nd grade might be combined into one league. We typically never combined boys and girls except in the PreK Surf program.

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Why do players get two (a green and a white) shirt?

This is so teams can wear different colors when playing each other, one team is designated the home team (white) and the other the away team (green). Uniforms may be reused from season to season.

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What is the volunteer bond?

WWPSA is a volunteer run organization that relies on volunteers to run the programs and maintain fields. To encourage volunteering, WWPSA charges a volunteer bond per family per seasonal year (July through June). Click here to learn more about the bond.

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How do I check my registration / find out my team?

Please click here to see how to check your registration.

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